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The Birthday Girl

Lynne Loves the Past is dedicated to
my extreme fondness of the past,
my musings of today
and my hopes for the future.

  • Locka
    DISCLAIMER: THIS POST CONTAINS A TON OF SAPPY, SENTIMENTAL MUSH, AND I HAD A BLAST WRITING IT! You may be wondering about the title of this post. Allow me to explain…..Locka is the name of one of my favorite dolls from childhood. I have had her for so long that I don’t remember whenContinue reading “Locka”
  • Mentors & Mesh Bags
    Shortly before my husband and I welcomed the birth of our first child, my Cousin Mindy invited us over for dinner.  “You might want to bring a notepad along,” she advised. “to write down what I’m going to tell you about setting up a nursery.”  Mindy’s unfiltered directness always made me smile.  I wasContinue reading “Mentors & Mesh Bags”
  • Get Busy Sinkin’ or Get Busy Swimmin’
    The start of a new year always makes me hopeful for an improvement over the previous year. For the last seven years, ever since the death of my parents, I’ve felt like my life has been (trying to putting a positive spin on it) in a “regeneration phase”. This shift in my life, wasContinue reading “Get Busy Sinkin’ or Get Busy Swimmin’”
  • Another Thing Coming
    Twenty years ago today, I had a secret…..a BIG one! I was the only person on this earth who knew for certain that another human life would be joining our family in nine months. For an entire 24 hours, I relished the fact that I was the only one who knew about my pregnancy.Continue reading “Another Thing Coming”
  • Hiatus
    Although I didn’t purposely set out to take a break from my blog, this is what happened during the late fall of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. I’m going to call this break a hiatus, because a hiatus sounds much more impressive than, “I’ve had a crap ton of shit going on!” (pardonContinue reading “Hiatus”
  • Following a Camper
    I started to tear up as soon as the mini motor-home passed by me as I was driving out of my neighborhood this morning. I turned and happened to follow the camper for at least half a mile; before it took a different route. By this time, tears were streaming down my face. FollowingContinue reading “Following a Camper”
  • Writing about Writing: Part I
    Well, it only took my third blog post to actually start writing about the past, so here goes! First of all, I miss working…..yes, this surprises me as I had never thought writing would be my main career. Call me old fashioned (a great drink and an even better compliment) but I never hadContinue reading “Writing about Writing: Part I”
    While I try my best to be an upbeat, optimistic positive person……some days I fail…royally. Today is one of those days. During my Groundhog Day existence, today, August 4th, I find myself angry, frustrated and tearful about absolutely everything! So, I go on my nightly bike ride which I really didn’t feel like goingContinue reading “BANG YOUR HEAD”
  • Chaos, Cliches & Change
    Welcome to my first blog post! As I write this, the elements of chaos and change are all around me and I do not like it one bit!! As for the cliches, quotes or sayings, here’s one that seems to fit both past and present circumstances, “That which does not kill us, makes usContinue reading “Chaos, Cliches & Change”

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