Another Thing Coming

Twenty years ago today, I had a secret…..a BIG one! I was the only person on this earth who knew for certain that another human life would be joining our family in nine months. For an entire 24 hours, I relished the fact that I was the only one who knew about my pregnancy. My feelings ranged from awe and astonishment….”Wow! It worked!” to disbelief and excitement, “I’m going to be somebody’s MOTHER!!” Of course, I couldn’t and didn’t want to keep news this exciting to myself, so on July 10, 2001, our second wedding anniversary, I told my husband that he was going to be a father.

Immediately after our anniversary dinner out, we stopped by my parents’ home, gave them a card with a baby’s picture on it and watched their bewilderment quickly turn into pure joy at the news that they were going to be first time grandparents. Our family embraced this blessing and looked forward to Another Thing Coming.

Ready for take-off!

Next month, our first baby, now an accomplished young adult leaves for college a year later than planned and MORE than ready to experience this first taste of freedom and all it entails. We have no doubts that our Butterfly will transition into this new stage of life with great success as this victory has been long anticipated and dearly earned. Truly, she welcomes Another Thing Coming.

Our Girl challenges me, pushes me to grow as a parent and scares me because she is not the carbon copy of me that I had always assumed she would be. Like the Monarchs she raises, our Butterfly is fearless, determined to find her own path and poised beyond her years. I admire her strength and sense of self but I want her to know the importance of kindness, compassion and faith.

My Butterfly Girl will always hold the distinction of being the best surprise of my life! Twenty years later, and the secret is out……We drive each other crazy because we are alike and yet our differences reflect what we admire in each other. As we each navigate Another Thing Coming, I pray strength for the journey… and understanding along the way.

Published by sknnylyn

I have over 30 years of experience in free-lance writing, photography and videography. I have won several national and local awards for my newspaper articles and photos. I hold a masters degree in teaching and leadership and an undergraduate degree in communication education. I hold a type 09 teaching certificate in the state of Illinois and am certified to teach speech, English and language arts for grades 6-12. I have kept a journal for many years and I love reminiscing about the past and applying the lessons of the past to my current life. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, cooking, baking, doing craft projects and spending time with my family.

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